Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Age .3 years, Male, size medium, 16.2 kg, Energy-Medium.
He loves going on walks.. is good on a leash, likes short runs on the beach, or can run next to a bicycle or skateboard. The rest of day mostly sleeping.

Friendly with female dogs some male dogs are super friendly with people.
Cats he finds interesting but not fully exposed to.
Sometimes he can growl or bark during walks to specific dogs he feels uncomfortable with, this can be easily corrected.
Children -he is friendly, gentle, and calm. But because of some vision difficulty would not recommend children younger than 12 years. He is happy walking .loves to walk side by side with his foster sister’s dogs, loves to smell almost everything, he explores a lot during walks. Like squeaky toys. ┬áHe doesn’t bark much, but when someone is at the door he will bark to greet visitors.
Sometimes he barks when he hears unfamiliar sounds on the street
From day 1. This showed me he was a house dog and not a street dog.
Good in car, loves to go for car ride.

Temper. sweet, gentle. calm..he even asks permission from his foster sisters, not an alpha dog at all .

With food, he makes a happy dance but always waits for his bowl..
He’s not asking for attention he just wants to be present in the surrounding
He likes to lie down in the hallway or in front of doors..
He can stay many hrs alone in the house.
He loves sleeping outside on the patio or inside in his own bed.

Rescue story.
I first saw him running on the beach looking and following everybody. he joined us.( My 3 dogs and me) then left again. looking.A few days later he was there again and he followed us home. I gave him food. water .that evening we went with us on a walk. He was so happy and looked up with so much love it pulled a string deeply in my heart
That evening he followed me without a leash. when I went into a shop he walked by but coming outside he wasn’t there anymore. went looking for him 4 days and asked around everywhere.
Then about 1 week later he was at the other end of town y I knew is a sign I will rescue him and help him find a forever home.
After some time I started doubting his eyesight as he was clumsy.
Sometimes bumping against poles or didn’t see sidewalk steps.
It came clear when he didn’t see barbwire and run straight into it.
The opthalmologist gave medicine and eye drops.
How his eyesight is at this moment he sees shadows and big things details like pals on the street he doesn’t see.
Also, things coming from the sides he doesn’t see so he can get scared and react.
But I haven’t seen his eyesight being he big problem for him. if you wouldn’t know him you would never be able to guess he has vision problems.
He does more than other dogs that don’t have eye problems but as his owner, it will come with some special manual..to protect him to not damage himself. for Ahau is super confident.
Each day is a new opportunity for great adventures. he is always happy and so grateful.
He must have had an owner before. Ahau is not a street dog and wouldn’t survive on the street by himself.
He directly makes a very deep bonding with the human that takes care of him. I have rescued other dogs before but the bonding and love this pup gives us beyond words.
He deserves a family that is able to give him fun. walks free in nature..in a safe environment and with the protection of a loving home