Webster – pending adoption

Male – 2yrs – 14.8 kg

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

I am a happy and beautiful boy and I just love life and everyone and everything in it.  (Truth be told, I am also a little bit goofy, but isnt everyone at heart?).  Unless you yell at me, or make loud noises, then I get kind of scared.  My foster family says this is because I went through so much before they found me.  

You see, I was tied to a tree at the top of a hill right next to a busy road.  It was a really bad spot as cars couldn’t see me as they zoomed along until it would have been too late. You think that is bad? It gets worse; l was tied with an ethernet cable that twisted and trapped me with my head against the post, it was horrible. I couldn’t move away from the cars, just had to hope they missed me. Luckily someone came running as soon as they saw me and took me to safety. This is how I got my name, “Web”ster. I joined my foster pack, they are all much bigger than me and there are so many of them so it was really scary. Now I have got to know them, I love them all so much and they helped me feel safe for the first time, but they are being adopted so who knows how much longer I will have my friends for. For now I want to enjoy every moment with them, I love playing with them and running around. I love cuddles and quality time. I am looking to find my connection with the right family who will show me the good in the world too, as I think I have seen enough bad for now. Despite all the strange things that happened to me, I am a very good boy and I promise I will love you forever.

From his foster mum!

I’d say he sheds a low-medium amount.  No food allergies we have come across. 

He does love to be around humans but settles in his crate when he isn’t.  He isn’t really ever completely alone at the rescue centre as there are always dogs around so I don’t really know what he would be like if he was left alone all day long.

We consider him to be housebroken.  He’s great in a crate, he goes to the toilet as soon as he’s let outside in our “yard” in the morning, and will do his business for the evening in his own time and will also pee on walks.  I’m not sure what would happen if you just left him to his own devices without a structure or schedule, like all dogs he will need to be taught where he is supposed to pee once he’s in a new environment.

He sleeps in a crate at the moment.

He came to us with anxiety around a car (most likely because he was driven to be abandoned outside our place) but now he knows he’s coming back with us and he’s safe he jumps in now on his own. He sits well in there too. He does not get car sick.

He loooves humans, I quote “that dog doesn’t have a bad bone in his body” was with the last new people he met – he’s good with kids too. We are working on him not jumping up, but he does this because our dogs are all fighting for attention at the moment. But he’s learning if he sits, he gets love.

He has got an interest in cats and he has chased an iguana here before, don’t think it’s a kill instinct but more a chase instinct. He’s fine in confined spaces but in the open if it runs, he will chase.

He looooooves love and pets and strokes but will also just settle if you’re cooking dinner or something he’s just happy to be in your company.


He knows sit, his off lead recall is getting much better now and he’s learning lie down and wait which he gets about 70% of the time.

He doesn’t mind a bath, he’s not a fan of the cold water baths at the moment with the cold weather but he’ll stand and take it, not much fuss as long as you chat to him. Nail clipping he will let you do, it can be done with just one of us as long as it’s done slowly and gently with reassurance.