Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Approx. age: 2 years Male/female: Male Weight: 17 Kg, dog friendly NO cats please!

No food or toy agression

We get the tear to see Yogo portrayed in such a beautiful way.We combined Yogo’s good looks and the great talent of Kenia Intuitiva Fotografia to bring you this series of incredible canine photographs to delight your hearts and ask you to help us share Yogo’s story with the intention of finding him his ideal family or person.The story is relatively short but I want to make it longer… I’m inspired and want to write, so if you feel like reading: welcome to Yogo’s post.🤯 If you don’t want to read, but you think Yogo looks super handsome in the photos, please just share this post!*rolls up sleeves*It is a hot day in the town of Colonia Yucatán. June 2021. A sterilization campaign was set up with a goal of 200 free surgeries.The morning starts busy, volunteers here, responsible owners there, puppies and kittens everywhere.And that’s when Yogo enters the room. Without a human companion, he comes alone.His imposing bearing and the scars on his face caught the attention of all attendees. Who is its owner? – we ask ourselves and ask all the attendees of the campaign.We searched but no one claimed him. We noticed that he had testicles so we did what had to be done: anesthesia and bye eggs!A few hours after his recovery we released him in the hope that he would go home. But Yogo had other plans. His plan was to stay. Despite being free, he chose to stay at the campaign site greeting other puppies and people.We asked around in town if anyone recognized Yogo, if they knew who he was or where he lived, and no one knew anything.Yogo’s unmatched charisma made it impossible for us to leave him in Colonia Yucatán, where he ran all the risks of a stray dog, so we brought him to Cozumel to begin his rescue process and be put up for adoption.Since then Yogo has lived temporarily with Mariana and 4 puppies of all sizes and 2 kittens. With kittens he is not very good. It’s not bad but wanting to play with them has hurt them.At home, Yogo is a calm dog, he is sweet, he has a good temper, he does not bark at strangers, he is not hyperactive. He will take advantage of any moment to approach you to be caressed, hugged and kissed. But he is also quite independent. He likes to have his space, lie down to enjoy the breeze when he finds it.What is so special about Yogo?Well, Yogo has a passion: exercise, muscle building, running, playing with 100% energy with the beautiful body that he was born with!Every day he goes for a run next to Mariana’s bicycle (always on a leash).They also go to the baseball field to play fetch. Yogo loves his toys and with all excitement and vigor he will play until he is tired.Watching him sprint is exciting. His happiness is contagious. Many humans would like to be as fulfilled as Yogo. Yogo is a dog, Yogo plays, Yogo runs, Yogo is happy.Already tired and satisfied, he will look for a shady area to lie down and pant comfortably and calmly.Yogo is a dog with a lot of personality, very sure of himself. His owner / family / adopter must have the same or greater security than him. He is an obedient dog, but if you give him weak instructions he will not listen to you.Like any passionate being, when Yogo doesn’t exercise for several days he gets cranky, behaves roughly with his little dog brothers and can even bite something that he normally wouldn’t bite.This behavior does not make Yogo a bad dog.All dogs need some degree of physical and mental stimulation. The amount depends on each race and each individual.🐩🐩 Yogo is definitely not a poodle. Yogo is an athletic dog with a lot of muscle. He is not a dog for any person/family. 🐩🐩Do you have what it takes to adopt Yogo?-You don’t need a house with a huge garden. What you need is will and desire to go running with him. Go swimming, play ball, ride a bike or skateboard. Even playing squash on a wall in your house can be enough sometimes. Its ok if one day he cannot go out, its not the end of the world for him, but several days without is not ideal. -You need the attitude of a leader and basic knowledge of canine language to be Yogo’s best friend and guide. So that your relationship is always evolving and both live great experiences and many adventures.-You need to be an active person. Don’t be lazy to grab the leash and tell Yogo let’s go to the park! Let’s explore the city! Let’s go to the beach, let’s go to the forest, let’s go for a walk!-Preferably no children under 15 at home. Yogo can be a bit rough when he plays.-No cats!-There can be other dogs at home, as long as they are stable dogs, there is correct leadership at home and each one is given the attention they require.Yogo is sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, he was tested for Heartworm, erlichia, lyme, anaplasma, control blood counts, monthly preventives for fleas, ticks, heartworm.. you name it ❤ Yogo is ready to find the love of his life.