Where does your adoption fee go to?

Our adoption fees had to be increased to cover costs. Taco Dog Team volunteers to not take wages or salary. We want to “give back” as much as we can to the rescues we work with. Most rescues in Mexico are independent and rely on peoples’ donations to help the dogs get the medical attention that is needed. These rescues spend a lot to get these dogs healthy and ready for adoption.

Example approx. cost per one dog per month – food ($40-$65), Sterilization/vaccinations, 4 snap test ($150), 2 sets of blood work ($80). If a dog needs extra medical care, a tooth pulled ($80) or treatment of medications this is extra cost. Dog flight $350.00, Customs Inspection $45, crate/return of crate $150. These costs are base if dog requires Heartworm medication that is upwards of $300-$400 or more.

Taco Dog Rescue and our rescues maintain a high standard of vetting/medical attention for the dog prior to adoption. We require the 4 Snap test – covers Heartworm, Anaplasma, TVT, Ehrlichia. Complete blood panel x2 when dog is rescued and prior to travel to ensure all levels are good. Full vaccinations. Teeth Cleaning, medical exam/health check prior to flying.