They are a wonderful Rescue! A caring and very supportive group after adoption. We are so happy with out rescue and this wonderful agency.

Laura King

The Mexican street dog turned Canadian Red-Neck has truly been the greatest addition to my little family. My son and I have really enjoyed watching him change, grow, and trust us and our friends and family. From a broken leg and paw on the streets of Mexico to running up mountains high in the alpine all over the Interior of BC. From fearing water to swimming every chance he can get and diving off a paddle board. This dog is easily the most amazing story I’ve ever had the privilege to tell. Not only is Morty goofy, gentle, and loving, he came from a rescue place that is also extremely caring and passionate about their work. The adoption process completely surpassed my expectations. It was simple, easy, and quick. I could not ask for a more amazing person to work with to find the perfect dog for my companion. Donna from Taco Dog Rescue was more than accommodating and knowledgeable. She has since kept in contact with me and answered all my questions no matter the time of day. She has offered resources and thoroughly explained what to expect from a scared dog that did not know English.

 Morty (Mortadello)

I can guarantee that I will be using Taco Dog Rescue for my next dog rescue when Morty is ready for a friend, and I have the space for another large dog.

C. Thiessen, Salmon Arm, BC