Our daughter, Willow Robin, chose Taco Dog Rescue as the organization she wanted to support for her 5th birthday last year. We adopted our dog Blue from Taco Dog Rescue last year (Feb2020) and she’s settled into our family (and all our beds!) very nicely. Willow has chosen once again, to donate her birthday money to Taco Dog Rescue, this year.  She wanted to send in a little card in with the donation, but I see that you have a go fund me page, which I will have her help me fill out etc.  I was thinking though, if you could provide an address, she could still send you the little card she hopes to send. 

October 2020 – Davie Dosa Company donated 10% from every order to support Taco Dog Rescue.

“Davie Dosa Company is a Unique South Indian restaurant on Davie St, Vancouver. Since 2017, we bring an exotic culinary experience & delicious cocktails to the Davie Village neighborhood.”


Dec 2019 –   Bosleys Kelowna donated all the proceeds of their photos with Santa over 3 weekends to Taco dog Rescue in the amount of $1800!!

Santa was played by one of our Taco Dog founders Ken Zarr! Bosleys not only paid for the costume rental, but also donated the proceeds of their nail clipping for the next 2 months.  Thank you, Bosleys!!!