How I became an International Dog Mule

Claire Monash                                                      

Before you read any further, let me preface this article by assuring all the extremely politically correct persons that my official title is “Flight Angel.”  Nevertheless, just uttering “International Dog Mule” grants me two seconds of being a Bond Girl, which, in some ways it was.

The Mexican sanctuaries and shelters simply cannot keep up with all the unwanted, injured and hungry animals.  There is a familiar scene on our holiday we know too well.  We eat dinner in an outdoor cafe while starving dogs wait patiently in hope that someone will share their dinner with them.  It is heart wrenching.

We come home from our holidays sun-kissed and relaxed, but that haunting image of malnourished animals lingers. You wish you were able to take them all home with you. You think to yourself “ What can I do, how can I help?” You do some research, send money, volunteer and even sometimes bring one or two lovely pups back with you, but like myself, you want to do more. Here is one way you are able to do more, which brings me to how I became an International Dog Mule for the organization Take A Chance On (TACO) Dog Rescue.

It is reported that there is one stray dog for every seven humans in Mexico. There are very few resources to spay/neuter and vaccinate and even remotely enrich the lives of these lovely dogs.

Heather, the Cancun contact from the Vancouver based rescue group Take A Chance On (T.A.C.O) met me at Cancun airport check in the canine travelers.

Once we were through customs on the Canadian side, Donna of TACO was waiting for us. 

My experience was easy and wonderfully rewarding.  All costs and arrangements and current vaccinations are handled by TACO.