FEMALE Age: 2 years approx. Size : Large

Weight : 20 kg Dogs:  yes! Cats : no

Chica was found inside a gated community, she had been living in the golf course for some time, but took her a while to become visible to the neighbors.
She was very shy in the beginning, but warmed up very nicely towards humans and dogs of course!
Everyone in the neighborhood was happy to have her as all of the dogs would join her at 5:00 pm everyday for a nice round of fun and games! She quickly became the most popular girl in town.

The time spent with her foster mom, she has shown great adaptability skills towards her lifestyle.

Personality : Very playful, ideal for someone with an active lifestyle
Very good with high energy dogs, but can easily match low or medium energy dogs
Loves walking and absolutely loves running. Extremely smart and can be quickly trained with all sorts of tricks.
Leash etiquette – work in progress ( in training with a professional)
House broken – Loves to chill inside the house, cuddle and calm when inside.
Car etiquette – Yes! Resource guarding – YES She is definitely protective of her environment and can become nervous around some men ( also working with a professional )