Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

Age: Aprox 2 years Location: Playa del carmen, ready to fly! Male Size: Medium 20 kgs

Choco embrace a serene, playful, and protective nature, particularly towards humans and children. He is very social with other dogs and shows an excellent overall behavior. However, he does tend to exhibit a touch of apprehension and distrust when unfamiliar individuals intrude into his personal space. When it comes to cats, like many dogs, they pique his curiosity, and while he has never caused harm to one, he does tend to chase them. Therefore, it is recommended that Choco always be kept on a leash as a precaution.

Energy: moderated Child Friendly: yes Dog Friendly: Yes Cat Friendly: Noo Barking: No House broken: Working on it! Leash Training: Yes Good in Car: Yes



Choco’s life has been a tale of resilience. He endured a period of abandonment, wandering the streets and yearning to escape the confined, less-than-a-square-meter space in his owner’s backyard, which was littered with debris and devoid of sustenance or hydration. Tragically, one day, he fell victim to a car accident that left him with a damaged tail, with a portion of it mutilated, and a wounded leg, which, thankfully, did not fracture.

During this challenging period, a compassionate woman attempted to rescue and aid him in his recovery. Regrettably, Choco’s owners resisted her efforts and took Choco back and subjected him to even more mistreatment. He became the target of physical abuse, endured days exposed to heavy rainfall outdoors, fell seriously ill, and was left alone in the scorching sun, all of which significantly deteriorated his health. He started to grow depressed, and developed a deep-seated fear of everyone, including those who secretly brought him food to alleviate the suffering he was enduring due to the abuse and abandonment.

One fateful day, he was discovered wandering far from his previous torment, and without hesitation, rescuers took him under their care, providing him with the safe haven he so rightly deserved. Choco now seeks a compassionate soul to share the light in his eyes, the warmth of his kisses, his boundless joy, and unwavering loyalty.