Princess Clementine

5 years, FEMALE, 37 lbs, friendly/playful, energy LOW-MID

Heartworm survivor!! On monthly heart medication for heart murmur

Meet Clementine, a resilient and intelligent medium-sized female dog with charmingly short legs. At approximately 5 years old, Clementine has endured much hardship. She was found pregnant and abused on the streets, and remarkably, began giving birth in the car while en route to the vet. Clementine has birthed 15 puppies and has bravely overcome health challenges including erlichia, anaplasma, and heartworm, all of which she has successfully been treated for.

Clementine is a calm and loving companion, exhibiting low to medium energy levels. She is wonderfully gentle with children and gets along well with other dogs, though she prefers a home without cats. While she shows some protective tendencies outdoors, especially around cars and certain people who may remind her of her past traumas, she has made significant progress. Clementine is leash-trained and behaves well in cars. She does not need a crate, as she is fully housebroken, barks minimally, and is a low shedder.

Though Clementine is still mastering her social skills during walks, she is a quick learner who already knows commands like “paw” and “sit,” and she’s eager to learn more tricks. She does exhibit some resource guarding, so a bit of patience and training in this area will help her adjust fully to her new, loving home.

Clementine’s story is one of triumph over adversity, and she is ready to bring joy and companionship to a caring and understanding family.