Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island
FEMALE age: approx 10 months, size Medium low rider, Weight: 11 Kg

Dogs, cats, kids: yes, Energy – medium to half high, Mexi Mutt – Beagle, Blue-heeler, Basset hound mix (best guess)

From the streets of Campeche, Cosa showed up in El Mirador wandering the streets.  When Cosa went into heat, she was taken in so she would be protected and be spayed.  Shy and not sure at first, she grew confident and adapted very quickly to life in a yard and a house.  Once she was allowed inside the house, she took it all in with rules and limits.  She now knows couch life, bed life, food life and fully house trained life.

Cosa’s favorite things: 

PLAYING: she is playful, funny, curious, on her own but definitely prefers people and dogs.  She loves her toys, running the zoomies, chasing a ball and also just hanging with a bone or chew toy (supply lots of chew toys). Her tail has its own personality and is always happy.  If you can’t see her, you can hear the thumping of the tail.

FOOD: The treat word was out.  She is food motivated for training and dinner time.  Not picky or food competitive/guarding, she will finish a bowl when it’s left behind and allowed by her foster mom.  She loves a good bucket of fresh water, a bacon strip or a piece of cheese. 

PEOPLE: she may take her time to get to know people but once she knows you, she is all in and wants to play or just hang out.  Sticky, loving, attentive, you will never go to the bathroom alone. She knows how to ask for love and pets all while knowing her limits and just chillin’ on her own.

LEARNING: quick, witty, intelligent, adaptable, hilarious, ready for any adventure. Cosa is ready for any walk (advanced leash skills with constant check-ins) which includes lots of sniffing and discovering. She’s always in for a good car (great car etiquette) ride as she knows that it’s being with you and exploring ensues but close the windows, she’s in a hurry to explore. She is learning english – sit, stay, quiet, leave it, bring, dinner, treat, water. Super fast learner.  

SLEEP: with all the puppy power, Cosa likes/loves naps.  Like it on the floor, in a dog bed, on the couch, on a blanket, in the sun, in the shade.  Even with all the naps, she sleeps through the night and will let you know when she’s ready to go for her morning romp.  

Cosa’s sweet soul and loving heart will do anything to please and will be 100% dedicated to her people and any fur siblings. Give her a family, she will give back 100 fold