Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

 Location: Playa del Carmen, Best Mix: mixed, Approx. age: 6 years, Female, 16,5 kg 

Behaviors Temperament: Linda is the sweetest and loving dog ever. She gets along really well with all volunteers including kids. We all love her very much due to her calm and positive energy. Linda is very good with other dogs. She actually shares one cage with another dog. Whenever Linda is outside she likes to be in contact with people and interacts really good. She is very clean and likes to do poop outside and pipi as well. She behaves well in new places and has no problem with interacting with new people or dogs. She likes to eat and being cuddled – Linda is pure love.

Energy: calm Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: unknown Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No  Housebroken: no Shedder: yes Crate trained: yes Leash etiquette: yes  Good in car: yes 

Rescue Story: Linda was reported to the authorities of Puerto Aventuras in June 2022. She was abandoned on the streets and wandering around on her own. Cebiam took her in and provided her with medical care and shelter. She has been to the shelter ever since 

Foster assessment: Linda is the perfect dog for a family that is looking for a calm, loving and happy dog. Linda does not like too much action since she already is a bit older but she enjoys long walks and new places very much. She would be great in a family with children and/or other dogs as well. She is very loving and will bring much love into your life. Also for a family who has no other dogs since Linda connects really good with humans. We are sure that the family who will adopt Linda, will not be disappointed. She will bring positive, calm energy to your house and lots of love to your family!