Margot – pending adoption

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island
Age: aprox3 years old Birth date:2020  Female, Weight: 18 kg
Behaviors Temperament: PROTECTIVE   Energy: Medium Children Friends: yes
Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: yes Resource guarding: yes Bark/noisy: yes Housebroken: no Shedder: yes Crate trained: no
Leash etiquette: yes  Good in car: yes
Vetting Vaccines antirabies Multiple Vaccines  Bordetella vaccine Tests: 4DMX, HEMOGRAM Dewormers: yes
Flea/tick preventions: yes Heartworm preventions: yes Sterilized: yes Dental check/cleaning: yes
Injuries/Xrays/surgeries: no
Rescue Story
She was born in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Was found in at gas station in the middle of the highway. She was pregnant malnourished and very skinny. We took her to our foster home  is very positive so we are working on teaching limits as you can see at the videos
Foster assessment
She is demanding and energetic, strong, dominant with high energy. She is friendly with dogs, cats and people. He barks to new people or new sounds. Just protective never aggressive but needs discipline