Sunny – being fostered in Kelowna!

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine

Female Age: 2/3 Years Weigh Size: Medium Gender: Female Weight: Approximately 21 kg

Meet Sunny:


Sunny is a delightful companion, displaying a gentle disposition with humans and well-behaved. She thrives on playtime with her furry friends at the shelter and relishes her daily walks. Sunny’s affectionate nature extends to children, and she even gets along famously with the resident shelter cat. Obedient and sweet-natured, she responds promptly to her name and enjoys her interactions with humans. While our rural surroundings provide a serene walking environment, Sunny’s behavior in busier settings remains untested.

Energy: Moderate Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Yes (prefers non-aggressive dogs) Cat Friends: Yes Resource Guarding: No Bark/Noisy: No Housebroken: Yes Shedding: Minimal Training: Crate Trained: Yes Leash Etiquette: Yes Good in Car: Unknown

Rescue Story:

Sunny’s journey began near a local supermarket where she endured mistreatment from adults while receiving affection from children. Despite suffering a slight limp, she displayed no significant injuries. Already spayed, it’s likely she was once someone’s beloved pet.

Foster Assessment:

Sunny embodies the ideal companion for a loving family or an individual seeking a devoted walking buddy. While she adores playful interactions with dogs and children, she’s equally content to patiently wait for her turn while in her crate. Affectionate and cuddly, she thrives on love and attention. With regular playtime, walks, and affection, Sunny promises to be a well-mannered and cherished addition to any home.

Despite her rocky start near a supermarket, Sunny radiates warmth and trust, effortlessly winning over hearts with her playful charm. She embraces everyone, including fellow canines and feline friends.