Princess Clementine

5 years, FEMALE, 37 lbs, friendly/playful, energy LOW-MID

Heartworm survivor!! On monthly heart medication for heart murmur

Meet Clementine, a resilient and intelligent medium-sized female dog with charmingly short legs. At approximately 5 years old, Clementine has endured much hardship. She was found pregnant and abused on the streets, and remarkably, began giving birth in the car while en route to the vet. Clementine has birthed 15 puppies and has bravely overcome health challenges including erlichia, anaplasma, and heartworm, all of which she has successfully been treated for.

Clementine is a calm and loving companion, exhibiting low to medium energy levels. She is wonderfully gentle with children and gets along well with other dogs, though she prefers a home without cats. While she shows some protective tendencies outdoors, especially around cars and certain people who may remind her of her past traumas, she has made significant progress. Clementine is leash-trained and behaves well in cars. She does not need a crate, as she is fully housebroken, barks minimally, and is a low shedder.

Though Clementine is still mastering her social skills during walks, she is a quick learner who already knows commands like “paw” and “sit,” and she’s eager to learn more tricks. She does exhibit some resource guarding, so a bit of patience and training in this area will help her adjust fully to her new, loving home.

Clementine’s story is one of triumph over adversity, and she is ready to bring joy and companionship to a caring and understanding family.


FEMALE age: approx 10 months, size Medium low rider, Weight: 11 Kg

Dogs, cats, kids: yes, Energy – medium to half high, Mexi Mutt – Beagle, Blue-heeler, Basset hound mix (best guess)

From the streets of Campeche, Cosa showed up in El Mirador wandering the streets.  When Cosa went into heat, she was taken in so she would be protected and be spayed.  Shy and not sure at first, she grew confident and adapted very quickly to life in a yard and a house.  Once she was allowed inside the house, she took it all in with rules and limits.  She now knows couch life, bed life, food life and fully house trained life.

Cosa’s favorite things: 

PLAYING: she is playful, funny, curious, on her own but definitely prefers people and dogs.  She loves her toys, running the zoomies, chasing a ball and also just hanging with a bone or chew toy (supply lots of chew toys). Her tail has its own personality and is always happy.  If you can’t see her, you can hear the thumping of the tail.

FOOD: The treat word was out.  She is food motivated for training and dinner time.  Not picky or food competitive/guarding, she will finish a bowl when it’s left behind and allowed by her foster mom.  She loves a good bucket of fresh water, a bacon strip or a piece of cheese. 

PEOPLE: she may take her time to get to know people but once she knows you, she is all in and wants to play or just hang out.  Sticky, loving, attentive, you will never go to the bathroom alone. She knows how to ask for love and pets all while knowing her limits and just chillin’ on her own.

LEARNING: quick, witty, intelligent, adaptable, hilarious, ready for any adventure. Cosa is ready for any walk (advanced leash skills with constant check-ins) which includes lots of sniffing and discovering. She’s always in for a good car (great car etiquette) ride as she knows that it’s being with you and exploring ensues but close the windows, she’s in a hurry to explore. She is learning english – sit, stay, quiet, leave it, bring, dinner, treat, water. Super fast learner.  

SLEEP: with all the puppy power, Cosa likes/loves naps.  Like it on the floor, in a dog bed, on the couch, on a blanket, in the sun, in the shade.  Even with all the naps, she sleeps through the night and will let you know when she’s ready to go for her morning romp.  

Cosa’s sweet soul and loving heart will do anything to please and will be 100% dedicated to her people and any fur siblings. Give her a family, she will give back 100 fold



FEMALE Age: 2 years approx. Size : Large

Weight : 20 kg Dogs:  yes! Cats : no

Chica was found inside a gated community, she had been living in the golf course for some time, but took her a while to become visible to the neighbors.
She was very shy in the beginning, but warmed up very nicely towards humans and dogs of course!
Everyone in the neighborhood was happy to have her as all of the dogs would join her at 5:00 pm everyday for a nice round of fun and games! She quickly became the most popular girl in town.

The time spent with her foster mom, she has shown great adaptability skills towards her lifestyle.

Personality : Very playful, ideal for someone with an active lifestyle
Very good with high energy dogs, but can easily match low or medium energy dogs
Loves walking and absolutely loves running. Extremely smart and can be quickly trained with all sorts of tricks.
Leash etiquette – work in progress ( in training with a professional)
House broken – Loves to chill inside the house, cuddle and calm when inside.
Car etiquette – Yes! Resource guarding – YES She is definitely protective of her environment and can become nervous around some men ( also working with a professional )


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Mix: MALIX Age: 3 years old Birth date: 2021 , female Weight: 19kg

Temperament: Shy a 1st, but once she warms up she is a wiggly monkey Energy: Medium

Behaviors & Temperament: Initially, she might appear a bit reserved, but once she warms up, her vibrant personality shines through. With a high energy level, she’s always up for an adventure. She adores children, gets along famously with other dogs and cats, and isn’t shy about expressing herself with a bark or two. Lula is housebroken. On the leash, she’s a model of good behavior, and she’s a delight to have in the car. Lula would do better in a home with a more submissive dog as she is on the alpha side.

Rescue Story: Found tied to a fence under the sun, she was thin, fearful, and struggling with some skin issues.

Foster Assessment: In the company of dogs, cats, and people alike, she exudes warmth and friendliness. Whether exploring the great outdoors or strolling on leash, she’s equally content. Although she may start off a tad shy, her affectionate nature shines through, making her a lovable companion through and through.

Roxy- pending adoption

Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Location: PLAYA DEL CARMEN Mix: MALIX Birth date: 2021, Femal, 13 KG

Introducing the gentle soul you’ve been searching for: Roxy!

Behaviors & Temperament: Roxy embodies pure love and tranquility, making her an ideal companion for any family. With a moderate to low energy level, she’s content to lounge by your side or join you for leisurely strolls. She adores children and gets along swimmingly with other dogs, though we’re still discovering her feelings towards cats. Remarkably quiet, Roxy isn’t one to bark unnecessarily. While she’s still working on perfecting her house manners, her willingness to learn is evident. Yes, she does shed a bit, but her affectionate nature more than makes up for it. she walks like a dream on leash and rides like a champ in the car.

Despite a challenging start, including a left leg surgery due to a significant fracture, Roxy’s resilience shines through. With her dental health in check and regular deworming and flea/tick preventatives, she’s on the path to a bright future.

Rescue Story: Roxy’s journey to recovery began when she was found injured on the roadside, her left femur fractured. Thanks to the compassionate care she received, including surgery in February 2024, she’s now on the mend. Her loving, obedient, and sweet nature has remained unwavering throughout her ordeal, proving that nothing can dim her gentle spirit.

Roxy is more than just a survivor; she’s a testament to the power of love and resilience. Could you be the one to give her the forever home she deserves?


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine

Female Age: 2/3 Years Weigh Size: Medium Gender: Female Weight: Approximately 21 kg

Meet Sunny:


Sunny is a delightful companion, displaying a gentle disposition with humans and well-behaved. She thrives on playtime with her furry friends at the shelter and relishes her daily walks. Sunny’s affectionate nature extends to children, and she even gets along famously with the resident shelter cat. Obedient and sweet-natured, she responds promptly to her name and enjoys her interactions with humans. While our rural surroundings provide a serene walking environment, Sunny’s behavior in busier settings remains untested.

Energy: Moderate Children Friends: Yes Dog Friends: Yes (prefers non-aggressive dogs) Cat Friends: Yes Resource Guarding: No Bark/Noisy: No Housebroken: Yes Shedding: Minimal Training: Crate Trained: Yes Leash Etiquette: Yes Good in Car: Unknown

Rescue Story:

Sunny’s journey began near a local supermarket where she endured mistreatment from adults while receiving affection from children. Despite suffering a slight limp, she displayed no significant injuries. Already spayed, it’s likely she was once someone’s beloved pet.

Foster Assessment:

Sunny embodies the ideal companion for a loving family or an individual seeking a devoted walking buddy. While she adores playful interactions with dogs and children, she’s equally content to patiently wait for her turn while in her crate. Affectionate and cuddly, she thrives on love and attention. With regular playtime, walks, and affection, Sunny promises to be a well-mannered and cherished addition to any home.

Despite her rocky start near a supermarket, Sunny radiates warmth and trust, effortlessly winning over hearts with her playful charm. She embraces everyone, including fellow canines and feline friends.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Male, 1.5 yrs, 16 kg

My name means “beans” in Spanish, and I am certainly full of them! I have the best smile and know how to work a room with my contagious grin, but I wasn’t always grinning… 

Although I am an optimistic pup, my story isn’t so great. I was abandoned outside a football stadium, I would watch while they played all their games. After waiting patiently until they finished I would try and play too but no one wanted to play with me, instead, they spoke about getting rid of me permanently…Luckily the lovely ladies that were feeding us on the street were worried so quickly found me a safe foster home. 

My foster home is great, I love hanging out with everyone here. The puppies are the most fun to play with but now I am getting healthier I can keep up with the big dog games too. As fun as playing is, my favourite pastime is when I am with the humans. I feel safe and can relax when I am cuddling them. Before this home I could never really relax. I couldn’t if I wanted to survive the streets. 

I am settling into this great place, I love my daily walks, cuddle time, and playing with my new dog friends. Lots of my new friends keep heading to their forever homes and I am told that my time will come. I do hope it is soon though! I am a fun and happy boy who just wants to share my love with you. I am very adaptable, but would prefer bigger kids to play with and an active family. I can promise you that I will make a wonderful companion, all I need is a loving home with cuddles (I am very cuddly so these are kind of non-negotiable). I am house, leash, and have basic training and I’m a really quick learner. I love adventures whether this is car journeys, walks, or runs, as long as I am with my family I will be happy. 


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Location: PLAYA DEL CARMEN, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO ,1.5 years old ,MALE, 18kgs

Dog Friends: YES Cat friends: NO PROBLEM WITH CATS, BUT HE DOES NOT PLAY WITH THEM Resource guarding: YES Bark/noisy: NO Housebroken: working on it!
Shedder: NO Crate trained: NO Leash etiquette: YES Good in car: YES
Vetting Vaccines antirabies, MultiplE, Vaccines Bordetella vaccine “COMPLETE IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE” Tests: 4DMX, HEMOGRAM Dewormers: YES
Flea/tick preventions: YES Heartworm preventions: YES Sterilized: YES
Dental check/cleaning: YES Injuries/Xrays/surgeries: NO INJURIES, NO SURGERIES

Rescue Story:

He was part of a group of street dogs that we were feeding, and he was the youngest.

Then out of a sudden , we did not see him anymore with the other dogs and when he reappeared he was very skinny and in bad condition, hence we decided to rescue and take care of him.

Since then he has been in a foster home waiting for a family that will receive all his love.
He is a very happy and obedient dog , very clean and always in a very good mood, he really deserves to have a family.


Available for adoption Lower Mainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Location: PLAYA DEL CARMEN, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO 3-4 years old MALE 20 kg

Energy: LOW-MID Dog Friends: YES, Cat friends: NO PROBLEM WITH CAT Resource guarding: YES Bark/noisy: NO Housebroken: working on it! Shedder: NO Crate trained: NO Leash etiquette: YES Good in car: YES

Vetting Vaccines antirabies, Multiple, Vaccines Bordetella vaccine “COMPLETE IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE” Tests: 4DMX, HEMOGRAM Dewormers: YES
Flea/tick preventions: YES Heartworm preventions: YES Sterilized: YES Dental check/cleaning: YES Injuries/Xrays/surgeries: BROKEN TAIL, NO SURGERIES

Rescue Story:

Bob was rescued by my teenage son in the parking lot of a shopping center. He had a red thread around his neck, was malnourished, tired, and had recent fight wounds on his face, a fractured tail, and a lot of hip pain. He walked with great difficulty and began to follow my son until they reached the car. My son put him in the car and brought him home. He has been recovering little by little. The wounds on his face have healed, but he definitely has a fractured tail. He is a quiet dog, follows instructions in English, does his business outside the house, even though he is male, he does not mark territory and socializes easily with other dogs and people. He is a great dog, loves to keep company, and be with company. He definitely doesn’t like to be alone, loves to go for walks, and walks very well on a leash.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

Age: Aprox 2 years Location: Playa del carmen, ready to fly! Male Size: Medium 20 kgs

Choco embrace a serene, playful, and protective nature, particularly towards humans and children. He is very social with other dogs and shows an excellent overall behavior. However, he does tend to exhibit a touch of apprehension and distrust when unfamiliar individuals intrude into his personal space. When it comes to cats, like many dogs, they pique his curiosity, and while he has never caused harm to one, he does tend to chase them. Therefore, it is recommended that Choco always be kept on a leash as a precaution.

Energy: moderated Child Friendly: yes Dog Friendly: Yes Cat Friendly: Noo Barking: No House broken: Working on it! Leash Training: Yes Good in Car: Yes



Choco’s life has been a tale of resilience. He endured a period of abandonment, wandering the streets and yearning to escape the confined, less-than-a-square-meter space in his owner’s backyard, which was littered with debris and devoid of sustenance or hydration. Tragically, one day, he fell victim to a car accident that left him with a damaged tail, with a portion of it mutilated, and a wounded leg, which, thankfully, did not fracture.

During this challenging period, a compassionate woman attempted to rescue and aid him in his recovery. Regrettably, Choco’s owners resisted her efforts and took Choco back and subjected him to even more mistreatment. He became the target of physical abuse, endured days exposed to heavy rainfall outdoors, fell seriously ill, and was left alone in the scorching sun, all of which significantly deteriorated his health. He started to grow depressed, and developed a deep-seated fear of everyone, including those who secretly brought him food to alleviate the suffering he was enduring due to the abuse and abandonment.

One fateful day, he was discovered wandering far from his previous torment, and without hesitation, rescuers took him under their care, providing him with the safe haven he so rightly deserved. Choco now seeks a compassionate soul to share the light in his eyes, the warmth of his kisses, his boundless joy, and unwavering loyalty.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

12.5 Months old, 17.7kg

Suki was rescued from the streets as a puppy after her previous owners didn’t want her anymore; she was left in a street where other dogs would attack her because of her playful personality and also because of the limited food available. 

A woman who wanted to help Suki took her to spay her, and the plan was to get her adopted but no one wanted her and Suki again was dumped in the streets.

Suki got hit by a car but fortunately she didn’t get injured seriously, and that’s the reason she got sheltered again in a foster home, this time fortunately she will be kept safe until she finds her own loving and forever home.

Suki is the most loving and playful puppy of all times; she will kiss you every time you’re near her and she’ll try to get your attention to play.  She completely enjoys having pet pals to play with, as she is still very young and has energy for running and jumping. 

Suki is approximately 8 months old, she’ll be medium sized and she’s leash trained, house trained and working on her crate training. She has a very gentle and tolerant disposition and is very easy-going  She gets along with everyone including children and cats and would love an active family and some other dogs to play with.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

 Location: Playa del Carmen, Best Mix: mixed, Approx. age: 6 years, Female, 16,5 kg 

Behaviors Temperament: Linda is the sweetest and loving dog ever. She gets along really well with all volunteers including kids. We all love her very much due to her calm and positive energy. Linda is very good with other dogs. She actually shares one cage with another dog. Whenever Linda is outside she likes to be in contact with people and interacts really good. She is very clean and likes to do poop outside and pipi as well. She behaves well in new places and has no problem with interacting with new people or dogs. She likes to eat and being cuddled – Linda is pure love.

Energy: calm Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: unknown Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No  Housebroken: no Shedder: yes Crate trained: yes Leash etiquette: yes  Good in car: yes 

Rescue Story: Linda was reported to the authorities of Puerto Aventuras in June 2022. She was abandoned on the streets and wandering around on her own. Cebiam took her in and provided her with medical care and shelter. She has been to the shelter ever since 

Foster assessment: Linda is the perfect dog for a family that is looking for a calm, loving and happy dog. Linda does not like too much action since she already is a bit older but she enjoys long walks and new places very much. She would be great in a family with children and/or other dogs as well. She is very loving and will bring much love into your life. Also for a family who has no other dogs since Linda connects really good with humans. We are sure that the family who will adopt Linda, will not be disappointed. She will bring positive, calm energy to your house and lots of love to your family!

Luci – being fostered in Vancouver

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

10 months old , 11 kgs, active, SMALL SIZE

Hi! My name’s Luci. I’m from Costa Rica. I am looking for a fur-ever home with someone to love and play with me! I am 10 months old and weigh around 11 kilos. I will be a small dog and look like a puppy forever!! My foster mommy says I am “freaking adorable” with my wrinkly head and a stubby tail that wriggles like crazy all the time because I am always happy. I am also crazy smart! I am housebroken and know how to walk on a leash, sit, and I am even learning to play fetch. I’m an energetic (but not hyper)
puppy and would do best in an active home, such as someone to go for walks with, take trips to the dog park, kids to play with, or another playful dog to be my best friend. By the way – did I mention that I am EXCELLENT with other dogs, cats, and kids? I do like to do zoomies, so a fenced yard would be great. My foster mom says I have to be honest – while I am a total cutie patootie who enjoys belly rubs and ear
scratches, I am still a puppy and do need lots of toys as I do like to chew. I have never chewed on the furniture, but I do like to steal shoes. So, if you want to laugh and be smothered with doggie kisses – I am the puppy for you!!!

She looks like a cross between a Shar Pei and a Min Pin – not kidding. Her face and butt are wrinkly – but the rest of her is smooth. She is a golden tawny color! She will look like a puppy for the rest of her life. She is freaking adorable.

Luci is very active and would need an active household with either kids or a playful dog Luci likes to RUN, so a fenced yard would be great for her! Luci is a super smart little pup!


Located in Mexico – Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

Location: Playa del Carmen Best Mix: mixed Approx. age: 3 years Female
Weight: 18 kg

Temperament: Masha is a very loving and sweet dog. She likes to cuddle and walk around. She is so happy when we take her to new locations and give her walks in the city center or at the beach. She behaves really well in the car. All volunteers love her and she gives this love back. She behaves calmly in new surroundings and is not afraid. She is a curious and very happy dog.

Energy: Medium Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: unknown
Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No Housebroken: no Shedder: yes Crate trained: yes
Leash etiquette: good Good in car: yes

Rescue Story:
Masha was found on the street together with her newly born puppies, abandoned in a box. The city pound took them in and helped to get Masha and her babies healthy. The puppies already got adopted but Masha is still looking for a second chance in life.

Foster assessment:
Masha is the ideal dog for a family with children and can also be part of a family that already has a dog. She gets along well with children, other people, and dogs. She can be taken everywhere since she behaves well in the car and in new places. She wants to give a lot of love and it would be nice if her new forever family would give as much love to her back. She loves to cuddle and walk around. She has a calm energy and spirit and all volunteers love her. We just want to see her happy with a loving family.


Located in Mexico – Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast

3 years, Female, 16 kg, Medium energy

Bailey is a really good dog with humans and with good and not aggressive dogs. She is a really happy dog despite the fact that she is already living 1.5 years in a cage. She is playful and likes to run. She enjoys her time in the enclosure to run freely. She is always in a good mood even though she is living in a cage for so long now. She behaves well with all volunteers.

Energy: Medium Children Friends: yes Dog Friends: yes with good and not aggressive dogs Cat friends: unknown Resource guarding: No Bark/noisy: No Housebroken: working on it Shedder: not excessively Crate trained: yes Leash etiquette: yes Good in car: yes

Rescue Story:
Bailey was rescued from the streets by the inspectors of the city pound. She was rescued 1.5 years ago.

Foster assessment:
Bailey is the perfect dog for a family. She needs to be active and would like to live with a family that likes to take her on walks and gives her lots of love. She can live with another good and not aggressive dog and also with children. She is a very sweet and happy dog so her perfect home would be a loving family who gives her attention and action so she can release her energy. After a good walk she enjoys her naps and to be cuddled.


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine

Male Age:3 Years Weight: 26 Kg Size: Large

Cosmo was found on the other side of the island, extremely malnourished and sick with heartworm. Now he’s been fully treated, living in a foster home for 6 months with another dog, and ready for his forever home! He’s a lovely friendly handsome boy who gets on with everyone!


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine

Meet Onyx. 1 year.3 months old Location – Mexico. Female Small..45 cm high.10 kg.

Energy. Medium. Onyx loves going on walks. Loves playing with her big foster sisters.

super friendly with all other dogs in all sizes and wants to say hi to everyone. Dogs and people. Is very enthusiastic when meeting and greeting new dogs and people 

Cats. don’t know no experience. children.. Onyx has been abused by children. I saw her 1 time responding with fear when she saw 2 girls. Luckily that fear and trauma is now gone. etiquette on leash. Yes, but she is so enthusiastic she wants to walk in the front as leader of the pack.( off 5 big dogs) this is always very funny to see..small dog .big attitude. she is funny and courageous.. Onyx favorite toy is a coconut.for the rest she doesn’t use much toys except her foster brother and sisters..she can play hrs with them.

Barking..from herself she doesn’t really bark but joins the club when other dogs bark.she follows their example. No experience in cars but she is in everything easygoing. When the veterinary comes here by car she is ready to jump in and go. Temper. funny,cute gentle observative.. favorite thing in the house running up and down the stairs super intelligent. learns real fast.

Likes to sleep at her own place. rescue story. Onyx followed us from the beach. She was first following someone then came to us..4 other dogs her eyes were full of sand she was dirty and 1 side of her face was swollen.( from being hit or kicked) later at home I saw her whole side of body was swollen. First week she was every. I moved hiding away and to make herself like a little bol..ready to receive a hit With that I could see she had been abused a lot. After 1 week she didn’t do that anymore the 3e week her trust was fully restored and she come ask for cuddles. Now she is totally fine happy healthy dog .

She has been treated for anaplasmosis and anemia.

Is dewormed vaccinated and sterilised. Onyx is a sweetheart. she stole all our hearts 

A funny thing she likes to do is clean the mouths and teeth off all my other dogs. so we call her joking our dental hygienist.. She will be deeply missed by us but will be able to bring so much joy and happiness to her forever family.

Onyx will be a very good family dog she like to keep all together. Will be best in a home where there is already a dog. She is a perfect playmate.

She has learned how to swim and enjoys running in the water and swimming.

Dante – Not ready to fly

No applications will be accepted at the moment

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Mix breed, 6 months, male, 10 kg, higher energy

Child friendly: yes

Dog Friendly: yes

Cat friendly: yes

Housebroken: in progress

Shedder: average

Crate trained: yes

Good in car: yes

Resource guarding: no

Leash etiquette: in progress

Behaviors: puppy

Temperament: happy puppy


Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Male 4.5 months old approx, 10 kg
He is a super sweet puppy, with LOTS of energy, loves to play and snuggle.
We don’t know his parents so it is uncertain the size he will be, but probably be medium/large
He gets along with other doggies.


Available for adoption Okanagan/Lowermainland

Lupita- Female, 2.5 years , 17.5


Very smart , playful, very good with people, good with dogs and cats. Good in the car, great with strangers can be easily handled. Has been living with 2 other dogs in his previous foster and currently lives with at the vet accommodation with a reactive English bulldog and knows how to keep her distance and respect other dogs boundaries who aren’t as friendly as her . When introducing her to other dogs , she does it in a calm manner she seems to be used to be around strangers and dogs. Crate trained as well

Cuqui – adopted

Available for adoption Lowermainland/Okanagan/Sunshine Coast/Island

Age: 6 MONTHS old Birth date: OCTOBER 2022 FEMALE Weight: 6.8- 7 kg She will be small-MEDIUM SIZE Behaviors Temperament: Energy: MED-HI
SHE LOVES PLAY ALL THE TIME LOVE Children Dog Friends: yes Cat friends: YES Resource guarding: NO Bark/noisy: NO Housebroken: A LITTLE SHE IS A BABY Shedder: yes Crate trained: no Leash etiquette: yes Good in car: yes
Rescue Story CUQUI was 2 months old when we found her in the middle of the traffic in a dangerous street, we rescued her and she was treated sterilized and is in perfect condition in our foster home
Vetting Vaccines antirabies Multiple Vaccines Bordetella vaccine Tests: 4DMX, HEMOGRAM Dewormers: yes Flea/tick preventions: yes Heartworm preventions: yes Sterilized: yes Dental check/cleaning: yes Injuries/Xrays/surgeries: no